Pipeline Products

Xhale's patent portfolio is extensive, generating a substantial product and technology pipeline. Some of these pipeline products are summarized below:

SMART® Pharmaceutical supply chain integrity
Utilizes vapor analysis to prevent diversion and counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products

SMART® Therapeutic drug monitoring
Measures drug levels in the breath and correlates to drug levels in the blood

SMART® Metabolic pathway assessment and monitoring
Enables understanding of metabolic enzyme competency and monitoring of metabolic enzyme function to optimize medication use

SMART® Assessment of gastric emptying
Measures the speed with which the contents of the stomach leave the stomach and enter the small intestine

Assurance® hypovolemic shock detection
Enables early detection of impending hypovolemic shock

Assurance® pharmacodynamic anesthesia administration
Enables patient monitoring of pharmacodynamic effects to guide medication therapy, including anesthesia

Glucose monitoring
Measures levels of glucose in the blood using exhaled breath

Oral glucose tolerance test
Measures the body’s ability to use glucose and aids in the diagnosis of diabetes

Breath-based health monitors
Monitors biomarkers that serve as indicators of normal biological processes, health status and disease