Assurance® - Overview
Xhale Assurance has developed a simple, highly-effective single-point-of-contact sensor that can reliably monitor critical parameters under challenging conditions for all patients1, improving patient safety by overcoming the shortcomings of legacy pulse oximetry and providing clinicians an early warning of impending events.

The Assurance® Alar Sensor is the next generation of pulse oximetry. The sensor is attached to the nasal ala, the fleshy part of the side of the nose, a unique monitoring site for pulse oximetry. This site is fed by both the external and internal carotid arteries; the latter also supplies blood to the brain. The rich vascular supply to the ala provides a strong, reliable signal, even when it is difficult to get a signal at the fingertips.

1Refer to indications for use

Future Assurance products will also monitor a broad range of physiologic parameters – critically needed cardiorespiratory parameters that are not currently available from any other non-invasive technology.