Intellectual Property

Xhale has numerous patents and patent applications, including issued and pending U.S. patents and foreign equivalents, related to the use of exhaled breath and novel vapor analysis for healthcare and medical purposes. The patent claims are broad, covering detection and measurement of various endogenous and exogenous compounds, various sensor platforms, multiple detection chemistries and use of Xhale’s breath-detection technology with nearly every approved drug. The patents include both broad device claims and specific methods claims, including using exhaled breath for determining the concentration of drugs and markers in exhaled breath, using markers and taggants to determining patient adherence in taking a medication, using breath for enzyme competency testing, breath-based correlation of blood concentration of therapeutic drugs, breath-based diagnostic testing for a wide variety of medical conditions and preventing the diversion of prescription drugs and minimizing drug counterfeiting via breath-detectible markers.

Xhale's intellectual property portfolio includes the following patents and applications:

  • Method and Apparatus for Monitoring Intravenous (IV) Drug Concentration Using Exhaled Breath
  • Methods and Apparatus for Monitoring Respiratory Gases During Anesthesia
  • System and Method for Real-Time Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring System
  • Monitoring of Hand-Wash Compliance via Vapor Analysis & Other Techniques
  • Method for Monitoring Health Using Exhaled Breath
  • Marker Detection Method and Apparatus to Monitor Drug Compliance
  • Novel Application of Biosensors for Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease
  • Detection and Measurement of Hematological Parameters Characterizing the Cellular Blood Components
  • Systems and Methods for Evaluating Enzyme Competency
  • Methods and Systems for Preventing Diversion of Prescription Drugs
  • Condensate Glucose Analyzer
  • Medication Adherence Monitoring System
  • Breath-Based Detection of Illicit Substances
  • Breath-Based System & Method for Monitoring Health