HyGreen® is a highly innovative system of hand hygiene monitoring designed for hospitals and other healthcare providers. HyGreen® actively reminds healthcare workers (HCWs) if they forget to wash their hands prior to approaching a patient in their bed. The system also wirelessly documents every handwashing event, and records the hand wash status of every HCW on every interaction with a patient bed monitor.

Xhale began development of the HyGreen® hand hygiene reminding and recording system in 2008. In 2010 the technology was spun out to a stand-alone company, HyGreen, Inc. via a stock distribution. HyGreen continues to build on its core technologies and business strategy, providing the first line of defense in the control of healthcare associated infections (HAIs). HyGreen® can help hospitals reduce costly and deadly HAIs. Return on investment is calculated to be substantially less than one year for the typical hospital.

Healthcare associated infections are a serious problem:
  • 1.7 million patients are infected by healthcare associated infections each year
  • 270 people each day die from these infections
  • Because hospital stays extended an average of 8 days, HAIs add 13.6 million extra patient days to the burden of patients and hospitals
  • Federal and state governments, along with private payors, are restricting payments for healthcare associated infection costs to hospitals
HyGreen® is designed to:
  • Protect patients and staff from HAIs
  • Help lower costs by lowering infections
  • Remind healthcare workers to wash between every patient interaction
  • Save time with comprehensive hand hygiene reporting
  • Eliminate inaccuracies of direct observation

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