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"Across diseases, adherence is the single most important modifiable factor that compromises treatment outcome. The best treatment can be rendered ineffective by poor adherence."
- World Health Organization

SMART® products have not been cleared for sale or use within the United States. The company is neither soliciting nor accepting any orders for the products. All benefits and claims made are concerning future generations of the product line, which are still under development.
Smart® - Overview
Xhale's SMART® Adherence System is a breakthrough technology for measuring, monitoring, reporting, and improving adherence to prescribed medication regimens. The SMART® system is the only technology available that definitively verifies that the right person took the right dose of the right medication at the right time. The SMART® system is patient-centric and noninvasive.

Utilizing exhaled breath, the system wirelessly reports – in real time – on medication adherence of participants in clinical trials, allowing immediate intervention when a participant misses a dose. Xhale believes the SMART® Adherence System will become the gold standard for monitoring and improving medication adherence in clinical trials and in disease management and prevention.  
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